Read the following general directions and fill all the information required clearly.

  • Failure to give the required information may disqualify your application.
  • The application fee is non-refundable

Program: Master’s Degree (Postgraduate)


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Information on Previous Study

To help our admission staff determine whether you meet the minimum admission requirement of NAC or not, please fill in the information below. In support of the information you filled in, you have to attach copies of the relevant documents and also send your official transcript to National Aviation College office of the registrar (through Postal mail) immediately after you get registered.

Departments with Full Accreditation Fee per Credit Hour Program Duration Registration Fee
Regular Extension


MBA in Strategic Management
Br. 205 3 Years 4 Years Br. 285
Aviation Management Br. 255
Accounting & Finance Br. 170
Marketing Management Br. 170


I hereby certify that all the information I disclosed in this form is complete and correct. I also fully realize that if the information I disclosed here is found to be incorrect or misleading, the college is entitled to take any action against me until the severance of the case. In this regard, I shall have no right to ask for reimbursement of whatever fee I have paid to the College. Moreover, if I get admittance as per this application, I am aware of the fact that the college reserves the legal right to change the tuition fee at any time during my stay in the college before I complete the program for which I am applying here in.


I further understand my obligation to observe all the rules and regulations of the college declared in all possible means of communication that the College thought to be appropriate. I shall also take full responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of the college provided in the STUDENT HANDBOOK OF THE COLLEGE that is made available in the college library, or rules and regulations communicated to me in the form of notice through COLLEGE AUTHORIZED noticeboard, website, email, telegram, or person orally.


I hereby also agree to pay my monthly tuition fee as per the payment schedule set for the program and department I have chosen to register. Besides, I agreed to the term that a payment once made is nonrefundable and I will have no right to request for the refund of payments once made to the college or transferred to its account under any circumstances.

S. No. Reason of Payment Amount in ETB
1 Replacing Lost Temporary Certificate 500
2 Replacing Lost Original Certificate 700
3 Replacing Lost College ID Card 100
4 Replacing Lost Grade Report 50 per semester
5 Issuing Original Certificate 500
6 Issuing Official Transcript (For Domestic Destination)* 100
7 Issuing Official Transcript (For Foreign Destination)* 200
8 Make-up Examination 815/ Credit Hour
9 Department Change 300
10 Issuing Status Declaration Official Letter 200
11 Grade Complain 100
12 Readmission/Withdrawal 200
13 Program Change 300
14 Penalty for overdue monthly payment 95 per day
15 Registration with Penalty 100 per day