Our History

National Aviation College was established in a bid to provide world class trainings in cargo operation, dangerous goods regulation, aviation maneuver, and travel & tourism hospitality. The college profoundly aims to train strong work force that is well grounded in professionalism and skills. National Aviation College, which is established by intellectuals and investors who were encouraged by the economic policy of the Ethiopian government which created conducive environment for investment, strives to appear as a key player in the sector.

National Aviation College is also an authorized training center for International Air Transport Association (IATA). In collaboration with IATA, which is based in Montreal/Canada, the college delivers world class trainings in aviation, cargo operation and travel and tourism. Moreover, the college is a renowned partner of Institute of Commercial Management (ICM). The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), which is based in Hampshire/England, is a genuinely prominent examining and rewarding institute in the globe for the hospitality training and certification.

Finally, it is worth to highlight that National Aviation College is one of the few remarkably reputable higher education institutions in Ethiopia known for its determination to improve quality of education in all possible domains of influence. Since its establishment, the College has been doing its level best to boost the quality of education and produce highly qualified professionals who are well-equipped to make difference in all sectors they join. The College also has unswerving willpower to respond to the prevailing demands in the industry globally. Besides, National Aviation College has time-honored ambition to make quality education its distinctive and exclusive brand.


The Vision of National Aviation College is to become among the leading higher education centers of academic excellence in East Africa region in Aviation, Business and Hospitality fields.


The Mission of National Aviation College is to inspire, empower and ensuring our customers’ and students’ satisfaction through knowledge by offering conventional education that is accessible to the larger society through reasonable tuition focusing on quality and standards and enable the society to  recognize and utilize the available opportunities  in the aviation, hospitality and business related fields.


Core Values
  • Quality and standards: by putting in place quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;
  • Excellence-ensuring individual, team and organizational efficient performances
  • Efficiency-Optimal use of all resources (Human, finance, material, information and time)
  • Integrity-ensuring synergy among working forces while performing duties
  • Positive thinking-creating acceptable attitude among human resources towards colleagues, students, work environment, duties, stake holders and etc.
  • Teamwork and team spirit-create comfortable spirit among members of the academic staff, support staff and students.


Our Partners