Prospective Students

Competitive Edge of NAC

1. License

  •  Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (Cabin Crew &Aviation Courses)
  •  Ethiopian Ministry Of Education/ETVET/ (All courses other than Aviation &Cabin Crew Courses)

2. International Certifications

  •  International Air Transport Association(IATA),Montreal, Canada (Ticketing &Aviation Courses)
  •  Institute of Commercial Management(ICM),Hempshire,England (Hotel &Tourism Courses)

3. Examination Center

  •  COC Center for All TVET Courses

4. Affiliate Companies

  •  National Airways-Training Resource (Cabin Crew &Aviation Courses)

5. Achievement

  •  2015 Africa Top performing IATA Authorized Training Center

6. Instructors

  •  Experienced and knowledgeable foreign and local instructors with many years experience

7. Make-up and language classes

  •  Free make-up classes & Exam revision
  •  Language classes (self subsidizing classes)

8. Learning Aids

  •  Free IATA & ICM E-Books
  •  Free IATA Cds

9. Internet Connection

  •  Free Access to Broad band Internet Connection(4GB)
  •  Free Access to online E-Library

10. Two IATA Exam attempts

  •  With one term full payment, the student will be given second chance free of payment if the first IATA exam isn’t successful.

Unavoidable information to information seeker

1. Examination and assessment:

  •  COC assessment for local Certificate
  •  IATA Certification exam for IATA Certificate/Diploma
  •  ICM Certification exam for ICM Certificate/Diploma
  •  Civil Aviation Examination for Civil Aviation Diploma

2. Up on successfully completion of the program the students will be awarded:

  •  Local certificate as per the level and IATA Certification / diploma for IATA Programs
  •  Local certificate as per the level and ICM Certification / diploma for ICM Programs
  •  Diploma in respective courses for Civil Aviation Programs.

3. Uniform, Module & Trip

  •  For all the new entries uniform is compulsory and the cost will be covered by the students
  •  Cost associated with educational trip will be covered by the students
  •  Educational module or books other than E-books are available up on payment.

4. IATA Programs training duration

  •  Classroom training will take six months duration with exception of GDS /Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre-classroom training will take three months/
  •  IATA Certificate/Diploma will be delivered within one and half month after the examination.

5. ICM Program training duration

  •  ICM classroom training is as per the duration mentioned for respective programs
  •  ICM Certificate/Diploma will be delivered within three months after the examination

6. Ethiopian Galileo System

  •  Monthly tuition fee doesn’t include the payment for Ethiopian Galileo system
  •  National Aviation College shall arrange Ethiopian Galileo system training for those students who passed IATA exam within the given two exam attempts and after the delivery of IATA Certificate/Diploma.

7. Internship placement

  •  Internship program other than cabin crew and aviation courses will be arranged for those students who have successfully completed the courses and as per vacant position available with internship training provider companies.

8. Job placement

  •  NAC will give advice and support to the students where to apply and how to apply for the job
  •  NAC will notify all the students when the potential employer post vacancy at the college or through their website
  •  NAC doesn’t give promise and/or grant to place the students on job up on the completion of the program

Inescapable Programs information

1. Foundation in travel & Tourism

  •  Differentiate Foundation in travel and tourism from GDS/ Galileo,Amadeus,Sabre /in terms of:
  •  Qualification level -foundation Diploma ,others Certificate
  •  Content of the course –foundation includes Customer service, Hotel course, Tour operation course, travel agent course, Air transport other than ticketing while GDS includes only ticketing.
  •  Job opportunities-foundation has wider opportunities for job and self employment than GDS

2. Cabin Crew

  •  keep informed cabin crew training includes:
  •  First aid training – Ethiopian Red cross Society and Certificate award up on successful completion of the training
  •  Swimming training-Star rating hotels and Certificate award up on successful completion of the training

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