Answer Key To Alif Baa: Introduction To Arabic Letters and by Kristen Brustad

By Kristen Brustad

This solution secret is for use with "Alif Baa with DVDs: advent to Letters and Sounds, moment Edition".

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13 EXERCISE 2 1. creator 2. yet 7. below 8. surgeon 9. arrange 10. heart, hart 11. drug 14. avid 15. choice 19. wretched EXERCISE 3 1. B ice 2. A ankle 3. B soul 4. A breathe 5. A avoid 6. B thing 7. B poses 8. B vine 9. A louvre 10. B feelings EXERCISE 4 1. A aɪz 2. B ˈʌŋkəl 3. A sɔɪl 4. A breθ 5. B ɪˈveɪd 6. A θɪn 7. A pə ˈzes 8. A veɪn 9. B ˈlʌv ə 10. A ˈfɪl ɪŋz EXERCISE 5 1. i 2. o 3. c 4. g 5. n 6. l 7. d 8. h EXERCISE 6 a. leather b. washing e. catcher f. loose j. age k. olive m. concord p.

Decade ............... 6. communal ............... 7. harass ............... 8. controversy ............... 9. clandestine ............... 10. contributed ............... 13 Suffixes EXERCISE 67 AIM: To consider stress in words with suffixes. a. Add a suffix to each of the words below to form an abstract noun. Mark the stress in the original word and the related noun. Does the stress change when the suffix is added? Write 'Yes' if it does, and 'No' if it doesn't. 1. ˈregular ˌreguˈlarity Yes 36 2.

G. ˌcentral 'heating Monday evenings English teacher Spanish accent civil engineer driving ambition South America EXERCISE 60 1a. an ˈEnglish ◦teacher b. an ˌEnglish ˈteacher 3a. a ˈblackboard b. a ˌblack ˈboard 2a. a ˈdarkroom 4a. a ˈglass shelf b. a ˌdark ˈroom b. a ˌglass ˈshelf EXERCISE 61 Late stress: rubber duck, apple pie, cheese sauce, jam sandwich, peach brandy, salt beef. Early stress: rubber plant, apple blossom, cheese grater, jam jar, peach stone, salt cellar EXERCISE 62 Early stress: - written as one word: ˈKnightsbridge, ˈMoorgate - with street: ˈBaker Street, ˈBond Street Late stress: ˌTower ˈHill, ˌCharing ˈCross, ˌLeicester ˈSquare, ˌPiccadilly ˈCircus, ˌMarble ˈArch, ˌTottenham ◦Court ˈRoad, ˌOxford ˈCircus EXERCISE 64B 1.

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