An Introduction to Python and Computer Programming by Yue Zhang (auth.)

By Yue Zhang (auth.)

This booklet introduces Python programming language and basic ideas in algorithms and computing. Its target market contains scholars and engineers with very little history in programming, who have to grasp a pragmatic programming language and study the fundamental considering in laptop science/programming. the most contents come from lecture notes for engineering scholars from all disciplines, and has acquired excessive rankings. Its fabrics and ordering were adjusted again and again in accordance with lecture room reception. in comparison to replacement textbooks available in the market, this ebook introduces the underlying Python implementation of quantity, string, checklist, tuple, dict, functionality, classification, example and module gadgets in a constant and easy-to-understand means, making task, functionality definition, functionality name, mutability and binding environments comprehensible inside-out. via giving the abstraction of implementation mechanisms, this ebook builds an outstanding knowing of the Python programming language.

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S0 as 2 N ∗s N +2 N −1 ∗s N −1 +. +20 ∗s0 = i=0 2 1 0 state 101 corresponds to the integer 1 ∗ 2 + 0 ∗ 2 + 1 ∗ 2 = 1 ∗ 4 + 0 ∗ 2 + 1 ∗ 1 = 5, and 1101 corresponds to the integer 1 ∗ 23 + 1 ∗ 22 + 0 ∗ 21 + 1 ∗ 20 = 1 ∗ 8+1 ∗ 4+0 ∗ +1∗1 = 13. In this way, a natural connection is established between the states of data storage materials and integers, which represent information. 2 The Underlying Mechanism 23 Fig. 1 Distinct states that can be represented by a combination of binary storage units 8 bits is a byte.

15 according to the new t. Cascaded assignments. Several assignment statements to the same value can be cascaded into a single line. For example, a = 1 and b = 1 can be cascaded into a = b = 1. 2 The Underlying Mechanism Floating point arithmatic can be inaccurate in calculators; the same happens in Python. 2999999999999998 In both cases, the expression is evaluated to an imprecise number. The main reason is limitation of memory space. A floating point number can contain an infinite amount of information, if there is an infinite number of digits after the decimal point.

When x = 6 is executed, the expression 6 is first evaluated, resulting in the integer object 6 in the memory. Then Python adds an entry in the binding table, associating the name x with the object 6. 26 2 Using Python as a Calculator Fig. 2 Example memory structure for expressions When y = x ∗ ∗2 is executed, the value of the expression x ∗ ∗2 is first evaluated by evaluating x, and 2, and then calculating x ∗ ∗2. When Python evaluates the literal 2, it creates a new object in the memory; then when it evaluates the identifier x, it looks up the binding table for an entry named x, which is bound to the object 6.

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