An Introduction to Persian by W. M. Thackston

By W. M. Thackston

A accomplished grammar of recent, classical & colloquial Persian. comprises thesaurus. Accompanying set of tapes important for pronunciation is obtainable.

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FRIAR. Benedicite! -Young son, it argues a distemper'd head So soon to bid good morrow to thy bed: German assure: versichern, versichere, versicherst, versichert, versichre, zusichern, sichere zu, sichre zu, sichert zu, sicherst zu, sichern zu. aught: Etwas. canker: Mundgeschwür, Krebs, Hufkrebs. cheers: prost, prosit, gejohle, gejubel. couch: Couch, Liege, Sofa, Kanapee, Divan, Liegesofa, Ruhelager, Schlafcouch. earliness: Frühzeitigkeit, Frühe. eats: Ißt, speist. encamp: lagern, lagre, lagerst, lagert, lagere, zelten, einquartieren, einnisten.

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