Affair of the Mutilated Mink by James Anderson

By James Anderson

The Earl of Burford hosts one other a little batty, completely baffling apartment party....
George Henry Alwyn Saunders, twelfth in his line, has taken a complicated to movies. he is approximately killed with satisfaction whilst a film rich person desires Alderly, the Burfords' seventeenth century kingdom property, for the set of a brand new Rex Ransom epic. The bronzed, good-looking famous person has lengthy overjoyed the crazy lord with striking deeds at the silver screen.
Less than overjoyed is the Countess, who is by surprise enjoying hostess to a Hollywood crowd and a starting to be visitor checklist that features a long-lost cousin and a shady moment wife, suitors for the Burford's willful daughter girl Geraldine, an eccentric screenwriter protesting the pirating of his paintings, a sultry, sparky femme fatale, a qualified blackmailer....
Oh certain, roles from James L. Anderson's first zany whodunit, The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg snug, are reprised by means of Merryweather, ther imperturbable kin butler, and the perspicacious Ins. Wilkins of the Westshire constabulary. And what does a mutilated mink coat need to do with anything?....
Nothing can best the merrily murderous Thirties condominium celebration for a puzzler!

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