A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to by William S. Leigh

By William S. Leigh

Booklet by means of Leigh, William

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He was up, off the table, and pacing around the room a large part of the time. We finally got finished, and I told him that I could not do him much good. I suggested that he go somewhere else for his body work. He did not seem too put out as we shook hands, for the last time I hoped, and he left. Later that day, he called me up and wanted to set up another appointment. I told him I did not want to work him and asked him why, after such an ordeal, he wanted to continue. " Getting into a Rut I was in my office talking on the phone when a knock came on the door of my adjoining workroom.

The limp eventually disappears, but the shoulders, pelvic girdle, and muscles throughout the body have been aberrated in varying degrees. As an example of an emotional trauma leading to aberration, take this case of a young beautiful woman. I was working on the adductor muscles on the inside of her thighs in the fourth Rolfing session when she pushed me away and sat up with a peculiar, scared look on her face. She began shouting in a strained, fearful voice, "No! No! Stop! Not here! No, not now!

He said, however, that his wife Alice was very sensitive to pain. She had been raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, never had a problem or an unpleasant, painful expe­ rience in her life, and probably would have trouble. Jim let me know he had excelled in sports in and out of college and was also a successful self-made businessman. Well, Jim squirmed, groaned, and limped through five sessions before he cried, "Enough," and quit, which was fine with me. Alice, on the other hand, was a pure joy.

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