A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton

By Laurell K. Hamilton

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I smiled back at him, responding to that joy. ” he asked. “I am not ashamed of anything I’ve done, Mr. Veducci. ” “All right,” he said. “I’ll ask the next one. ” He shook his head when he asked as if he couldn’t believe he was asking it. “I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Biggs said. “I’ll answer it,” I said. ” “It’s sex. ” I held Biggs’s gaze until he looked away. I turned back to Veducci. “Average is probably two at a time. ” I looked at Doyle and Frost. ” I made it a question. “I believe so,” Doyle said.

Frost laughed, then caught himself and tried to turn it into a cough. Doyle smiled. It was the first truly broad smile that he’d had since the questions had started. The white flash of his teeth in all that dark, dark face was startling if you weren’t used to it. It was like having a statue suddenly smile at you. ” Doyle looked at me. ” “When I had only five lovers, it seemed fair to make them wait for their turns, but as you point out, waiting two weeks, or more, after centuries of celibacy seems like another form of torture.

They are with the princess now, and not the queen. The princess has stated that the three of them are her lovers. ” He made light of it with his voice, his face, and a hand gesture. It was a glimpse of what he’d be like in court. He just might be worth all the money my aunt was paying. ” “I know the law you’re referring to,” Biggs said. “Many in Jefferson’s government didn’t agree with him allowing the fey to settle here after they were exiled from Europe. They insisted on a law that would allow them to permanently confine to faerie any citizen of faerie deemed too dangerous to be allowed among the human citizenry.

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