A Grammar of Targum Neofiti by David M. Golomb

By David M. Golomb

E-book by means of Golomb, David M.

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Interlinear glosses may contain up to six lines, though typically will contain fewer. 3). 3) a. b. c. d. e. f. ’ [R2005-jul21] barjijarranth! paɻcicaran̪ta̪ paɻci-c+ŋara-in̪ta̪ -( ‹fall-j›-μ̋cons-μobl-t ‹fall›-pst-sej The first line (a) contains an orthographic form. The remaining lines display (b) a surface (lexical level) phonological representation, then (c) an underlying phonological representation with morphs separated by juncture symbols, (d) a morphomic representation, and (e) a semantic and morphosyntactic gloss.

Surface [Vɳ] Gloss Underlying form Surface form Phonological modification a. ‘man-assoc’ ʈaŋka-ɳuru- ! ʈaŋkaɳuru- /a-ɳ/ ! [aɳ] b. ‘crazy-crazy’ ɳalpiʈi-ɳalpiʈi- ! ɳalpiʈiɳalpiʈi- /i-ɳ/ ! [iɳ] c. ‘woman-assoc’ maku-ɳuru- ! makuɳuru- /u-ɳ/ ! 13 Derivations of stem-final V plus negative /ɳaŋ/ a. 9-240; W1960] warrku-ɳaŋ-kuː Surface form ! warrkuɳaŋkuː b. good-neg-μloc-μall, [R2005-jun04b] mira-ɳaŋ-ki-ɻiŋ ! miraɳaŋkiɻi c. woman-neg-μloc-μall, [R2005-jun02] maku-ɳaŋ-ki-ɻiŋ ! 4) Lardil a. we ec- e -ku u → we eneŋku b.

Puɻunaŋkuː b. ‘gather-neg-pot’ patic-ɳaŋ-kuː ! c. ‘gather-neg-imm’ puɻut ̪-ɳaŋ-ki-a ! patinaŋkuː puɻunaŋkia d. ‘gather-neg-imm’ patic-ɳaŋ-ki-a ! patinaŋkia e. imp’ puɻut ̪-ɳaŋ ! puɻuna f. imp’ patic-ɳaŋ ! patina There is one more phonological argument in favour of the laminal-final analysis. 11 all contain the underlying suffix /ɳaŋ/ expressing negative polarity. On the surface the negative suffix appears as [naŋ] or [na]. In (e,f) the underlying consonant /ŋ/ undergoes regular word-final deletion and in all forms the initial nasal appears as the non-retroflex [n].

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