A Course in Functional Analysis by John B Conway

By John B Conway

This e-book is an introductory textual content in sensible research. not like many glossy remedies, it starts off with the actual and works its technique to the extra normal. From the reports: "This publication is a superb textual content for a primary graduate path in useful analysis....Many attention-grabbing and demanding functions are included....It comprises an abundance of workouts, and is written within the enticing and lucid type which we've come to anticipate from the author." --MATHEMATICAL experiences

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11 is countable, then this definition of convergent sum is not the usual one. That is, if { hn } is a sequence in Jf, then the convergence of L { hn : neN} is not equivalent to the convergence of :L: 1 hn . 11) while the latter means that the sequence {:L� = 1 hk } : 1 converges. Even if Jf = F', these concepts do not coincide (see Exercise 12). If, however, L { hn : neN} converges, then :L: 1 hn converges (Exercise 10). Also see Exercise 11. If &is an orthonormal set and heJf, then L { ( h, e ) e: ee&} converges in Jf.

Prove Proposition 2. 1 5. 1 1 . If A and B are self-adjoint, show that AB is self-adjoint if and only if AB = BA. 12. Let L � o cxn z" be a power series with radius of convergence R, 0 < R � oo . If A e�(Jf) and II A II < R, show that there is an operator T in 36(Jf) such that for any h, g in Jf, ( Th, g ) = L� o cxn ( A"h, g ) . ] 1 3. Let A and T be as in Exercise 12 and show that II T - L � = o cxk Ak II -+ 0 as n -+ oo . If BA = AB, show that BT = T B. 14. lff(z) = exp z = L � 0 z"/n ! and A is hermitian, show that f(iA) is unitary.

Note that fJI(Jt, F) = all the bounded linear functionals on Jt. = (a) If A and BefJI(Jt, $"), then A + BefJI(Jt, $"), and II A + B II � II A ll + II B II . (b) If a elF and A efJI(Jt, $"), then aA efJI(Jt, $") and II etA II = I a I II A II . (c) IfA efJI(Jt, $") and BerJI($", 2), then BA efJI(Jt, 2) and II BA II � II B II II A II . PROOF. Only (c) will be proved; the rest of the proof is left to the reader. If ke$", then II Bk II � II B II II k 11 . Hence, if he:Yt, k = Ahe$" and so II BAh II � II B II II Ah II � II B II II A II II h II .

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