501 Latin Verbs by Richard E. Prior

By Richard E. Prior

The main customary 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb consistent with web page with English translation. each one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all varieties. The book's extra positive aspects comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar overview.

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L&Llml'l. 1'5lS~ actus (-a, -um) agendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) SUPINE actum, -ii ago Related Words actio, actionis, f. action actor, actoris, m. driver agito, agitare, agitavi, agitatum to drive agmen, agminis, n. procession, marching column exactus, exacta, exactum precise Expressions res agere to take care of business gratias agere to thank quid agis? how are you? se agere to go animam agere to die age! c'mon! This is one of the busiest verbs in the entire language, which is fitting since its central meaning is to be busy at something.

Adiecerim adieceris adiecerit adiecerimus adieceritis adiecerint adiectus sim (-a, -um) sls sit adiectl slmus (-ae, -a) sltis sint Plup. adiecissem adiecisses adiecisset adiecissemus adiecissetis adiecissent adiectus essem (-a, -um) esses es set adiectl essemus (-ae, -a) essetis essent Pres. ad ice adicite Fut. Peif. adiectl eramus (-ae, -a) eratis erant adiectl erimus (-ae, -a) eritis erunt SUBJUNCTIVE Pres. lmpf IMPERATIVE I INFINITIVE Pres. Peif. Fut. adicere adiecisse adiectilrus (-a, -um) esse Pres.

Adolescere Perf. adolevisse Fut. adultUrus (-a, -um) esse PARTICIPLE Active Passive Pres. adolescens, (-n is) Perf. adultus (-a, -um) Fut. adultUrus (-a, -um) adolescendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) GERUND adolescendi, -o, -um, -o SUPINE adultum, -ii Alternate forms: adolesse = adolevisse; adolui = adolevi 'ompounds and related words: adoleo, -ere, -ui magnify; adulescens (adolescens), -ntis, m. young man; ndulcscentia, -ae, f. youth; adultus, -a, -um mature Modd sentence: /ta Keniti itaque educati, cum primum adolevit aetas, venando peragrare saltus.

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